Need opinions on my new instagram growth service!

I’m planning to start my m/s growth service

expected growth : 3k-5k per month

would people pay $50/month for such a service?

The growth can not be scaled i’m not gonna discuss why because it will give away my method, but what i can reveal is that the slaves would get disabled much rapidly when trying to scale the growth by adding more slaves (i really crunched the numbers believe me on this)

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3-5k growth - is it targeted or random?

That’s pretty good and 50$ would be a very good price for these results, even for F/uf it’s lowkey low balling it.

I find it hard to believe you would even cover your overhead with 50$ if you’re truly doing m/s and I’m not even talking profitable…


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yes they are targeted, i’ve done it for a member on this forum before but had issues, i worked it out again, but the page i tested on was a babes page, it’s at 17k now, but i was just wondering about the demand

Only way that growth would be possible for $50/month (with you making any profit at all) would be you straight up buying them fake followers. :thinking:

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okay i get that all of you are skeptic about it , however i’m not selling my service yet i’m just looking for opinions, by the way you guys are reacting i can tell that the demand is high lol thanks , yes my profits will be slim at $50/month but i’ve only done cpa till now and outsourcing my work to someone in this forum , haven’t really tried getting clients before. anyway more skepticism is welcome ofcourse i appreciate all kinds of thoughts

I would not even bother creating accounts for a M/S system with 50 bucks per month. I don’t even want to think about the accounts / proxy / software quality for this price :o

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He said he can’t scale up growth, so I would guess he’s doing manual (even though obviously you could scale up by outsourcing).

But honestly, with the amount of work required for manual, he should be charging far more than $50 :man_shrugging:t2:

@Powerlifter Manual or not, 50 $ isn’t worth anything serious to scale up, i hope he will realise this


:child:-labor? Just kidding, DM :email: me for trial and we’ll get you some references, and start making money in 2021​:+1:


That means that you have to divide your results by 2 or 3 if you use the same system with a normal account. I would also raise the price to at least $100 a month.

it will be great value… just consider about building a very targeted community with that method

50 $ should be interesting, just make sure to stay clean from fake followers , reputation is everything.

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Let us know how it turns out :crossed_fingers:

Totally agree with this. Unless you’re entire process is automated and doesn’t require you checking the accounts on a daily basis, I think you’re undervaluing your time

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Right, I understand that. I pointed out manual, because that’s likely what his strategy is, not automation, since he mentioned difficulty scaling up. Thanks :+1:t2:

The sentiment I get is that the economics of this all is off which is what’s raising skepticism, or rather curiosity.

If your method heavily relies on this secret, & can account for all the other factors typically involved in a growth service, hats off to you.

But I do wonder how long that service will last as you may have given us a hint at it being a manual operation when you mentioned scaling it.

Otherwise, the only reasonable explanation from the outside looking in is the use of fakes to plump numbers which would become very obvious in engagement.

See above, I wonder how long that would last if that’s an expense needed to keep up appearances.

Only voicing what seems to pique our interest here. Sounds like it can be good, but most would like to see unbiased results beforehand.

If it checks out, more power to you if you can offer it at $50 and still turn a profit.

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From a client’s pov, that is really great value for money. Other providers offer m/s service with much higher price.

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Yeah I think that’s bargain and as soon as you see that clients are coming you should increase it :smiley: