Need Quality proxy for Instagram


I would not buy anything from them at all :slight_smile:


@Derva have actually tried the package 6 proxy for 60 USD for 2 months and put 10 accs on each. For me it didn’t work. Maybe my accs were not mature enough. But same accs performed better on datacenter prxs (though I could not post pics from there).


@riazishere i use squid and i have no problem with them.


I used proxyrotator. Good and cheap service


Hi! Could you please explain how to use it with Jarvee for example? Proxyrotator only supports using API connection with apps


I think you need to use apikey as illustrated to request proxies. It’s in the same page under the apikey.


I know a good source who can provide quality IPV6


Plz share it… now we are facing post delete as well issue.


I am looking for the same thing.

Have done research the last couple of days and most proxy provider seem to be subpar at best which has actually led me to this forum because I have found a couple threads here, with people trying to create their own proxies. I want to do this too but so much research involved. Guess their is no way around it though if you want quality without paying a fortune


Can you recommend Me some good proxiy provider.We are facing the post delete problem. When we post a picture on Instagram the picture is automatically deleted.


How can you tell if a proxy provider is good or not? Is there anything besides the basic stuff?


Search for reviews first. But ultimately the only way to really know is to test it for yourself.


Yes as slinks has said, really do your research on any provider before you purchase. Read reviews, testimonials and spent some time doing that for multiple providers to really narrow down your search. Then, do not immediately buy in bulk. Request a small size to test because this is really the only way you are going to see if they are good proxies which is testing them yourself. If you purchase a lot and they all suck, you might be lucky and get new ones (which will also probably suck) or you will have wasted a lot of money. So always go with a only a few proxies at first and once you confirmed they work for you needs, you can go ahead and always purchase more.