Need Solution 500 account + 1 ecommerce shopify shop

I am selling goods on ecommerce shopify shop.
I have 500 old accounts and each accounts can follow 200 taget people.
But my questions is how put the same link on all my 500 accounts? I want to all my traffice to my 1 shopify link. If put same link all accounts will ban.
My friend give me advice is put different 500 linktree link on it. But others say its will also cause ban. Any good solution can give it to me ?

Purchase 500 cheap domain then redirect to my main webiste?

Have you tried a link shortener like Bitly?

not yet but sames instagram can recognise it

yes, that would be a good solution, using the same link on the accounts bio will lead to blocks no matter what you do so i think using multiple domains and a linkree would be good.

i have used linktree for affiliate marketing, it’s safe imo. You will use it for a legit website store, so i don’t think you will have an issue from IG. Make sure the accounts are unique and each runs on a different IP.

Does 500 linktree links means you have to create 500 linktree accounts? or you can have 500 links on 1 account?

I found the best success to be in using an app called ManyChat to capture leads from the instagram accounts and then use it to promote your products on shopify. You can create a unique manychat link for every instagram account but rather than sending to the shopify page, it can lead them to a “flow” inside of manychat. A flow is kind of like an email follow up sequence except inside of Facebook messenger. We got great results doing this.

Does 500 linktree links means you have to create 500 linktree accounts? or you can have 500 links on 1 account?

I Believe the Issue here is that Instagram will always check Websites for redirects (because a lot of websites do). You need Landingpages like LinkTree or others so that there is no redirection but only the Link that has to be clicked Manually.

But to be honest if you have 500 Accounts you are better off with cold DM’s then doing F/UF . I do not believe that even 1% of People just click a random Link of a Random Profile. If you DM them however you can write an insentive for them to click on the link. And if your accounts dont get disabled, you will stay in their inbox

hi friend if 500 linktree as landing page for 1 website ? Or more less ?

I would advise doing dMs with the accounts and promoting you big accounts. One acc can do 17 dms and still be safe if done right with mobile api and costs aren t that much.