Need solution in receiving money(some ideas please)

Hello guys, im selling instagram accounts and most of the people want to pay via paypal. However im not using paypal and i got blocked on it some years before, so i can’t get back there.

I want to ask you , what would be an alternative instead of paypal? What other payments collecting system/platform/method i could use? Let’s suppose that each person who has paypal, also has a credit/debit card, so maybe card payment platform would be a solution? But please let me know which one? And also i would need to have some buyers protection if possible, so people can not chargeback…

Some ideas please!

PERFECT MONEY will be an option :slightly_smiling_face:

is it east fir a new user to register on perfect money? or the confirmation takes long, also ID is involved?

u just need to give the basic verification id

and how long does it take to get verified? isn’t it same process as for example for registering on btc? because these websites takes 1-2 days to complete verification and many buyers dont want to wait so long

in my case i just setted up and received payments instantly and generated e vouchers to use money
to attach with bank u need the verification.

i would suggest paypal only it takes more charges but it is the most Convenient

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What about Stripe? I haven’t’ use it personally, but I’ve heard that it’s a good option as well, similar to PayPal.

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Depending on your legal status and audience:

  • Stripe
  • TransferWise
  • Skrill
  • Crypto

should cover 99% of all methods used by customers (directly or indirectly)

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It all depends where you are located.

The easiest for you is Crypto - but this is not the best choice for your customers because not many people actually have crypto (or are registered with a Crypto wallet/exchange).

If you are located in Europe, you can create a Revolut account and generate payment links - these are basically payment pages, the same that you see on e-commerce websites.

And for choosing a regular payment processor for cards, you need a company or legal status - this is the most difficult for you, as you can’t open an account with a payment processor and charge within minutes.

However, you can try shopify payments - they have a payment gateway.

Other alternatives to consider:

  • TransferWise
  • Payoneer
  • WorldPay

:joy: I think i also need to find a better place.

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Every option is better than PayPal.


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You can use Payoneer (you will get an IBAN also)
(or the gray method where you buy a PayPal account)

What I had in mind for myself since I didn’t want to use Paypal is actually just using Shopify payments. You can install in any wordpress website or you can just build a site on Shopify too.