Need some advice on how to grow my SEO


I am picking medium to low keywords but not ranking it might be the back linking not enough


Not might - for sure!


What do you mean?


More backlinks.


How many backlinks do i need to et for beach blog post to rank it.


There isn’t a formula to know that. SEO needs to try and try again until you get some results those links and more to get a better understanding
1.track your keywords
2.put related backlinks to your site(you can use majestic seo) , keep it natural
3.put good content to your keywords, keep trying
4.repeat and good luck :slight_smile:


Got any sites I can use to back link to my travel blog posted to rank their keywords.


This is old, but gives you an idea. You need to do an exchange with other blogs. Get them to allow you to create guest blogs and link to your content.


It is not the number of backlinks it is the quality of the backlinks your getting and the amount of competition for the keyword your wanting to rank. I used to use SEO Power Suite and Ahrefs to find this information.

As stated before your content will play a big role and the structure and click through rate of your site. It has been several years since I played the SEO game but the fundamentals are still the same.

Also, do overuse the same anchor text when building links you must make the backlink profile look natural or they will push an update and hammer you.


Ok thanks but when. I build back links I try and put in different anchor into my post and the keyword I am ranking for I get the other person to use the that as anchor text


You really need to to get off the forum, go read what has been suggested and implement it.

Noone is going to tell you where to get specific backlinks to your blog or the exact magic number that you need or the anchor text that you need to use - just because those are SPECIFIC TO YOUR SITE ONLY.

For every answer you get, you have a “but what about”.

Read. Learn. Implement.

There is no way around it.


Thanks will do that