Need some advice on how to grow my SEO

Hi, I am currently adding my main keyword to the main header and h2. As well as this I am adding it to meta description and url. Also 3 more times in my post

I am also adding like 6 more keywords in the post but can’t seem to get my posts to rank. I get like 3 link backs, as I’m in a travel bloggers link swap group on Facebook

I some advice on what I am doing wrong or what I need to do. I am currently only getting 30 to 50 views a day from SEO and my site has been up for 3 years

Read every word here:

and here

and here

Then implement and you’ll be ahead of 90% of the people who think they do SEO.

What you are currently doing is not even scratching the surface as you are doing mainly on-page SEO. That counts for something, but on its own it is pretty useless if it is not backed up by some solid content marketing, content distribution and link building.


I’ve been studying SEO a lot recently and no matter what, everything always seems to come back to backlinks. Either you build backlinks or you write 200,000+ words over the course of a year and get nothing for it initially, haha.

The right backlinks.

I see so many people get backlinks from Fiverr, or forums, or .edu sites, or my personal favorite - directories and article directories. Then they sit and wait for the rankings to pour in and… nothing :slight_smile:

Its the equivalent of buying fake views and comments on YT and expecting to hit the Trending :slight_smile:

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may i get examples of what is a right backlinks?

You write a great piece of content > you do some outreach > another blog / site links back to your content from their content.

Natural + high quality = right backlink.


Yes, I 100% agree! People literally destroy their websites before they even begin by purchasing low-quality backlinks from Fiverr, etc.

I also agree with what you said about buying fake views and comments on YT :stuck_out_tongue: (I did a personally case study with this 2 years ago or so).

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I gave you a YT example as I know that is your bread and butter :slight_smile:


Do you think that is they way to go? this is even the hardest one, is this the best work/resoult method too?

In 2019 SEO means content marketing. You gotta produce great content and you need to distribute it in as many legit places as possible.

The greater the content, the easier it is to build links to it.

Check out the skyscraper technique by Brian Dean from Backlinko. If that is ALL you, you’ll be kicking major ass for years to come. But it takes 4-6 months and 10-12 pieces of outstanding content to start seeing it work.


I have started my SEO journey 4 months ago, already have a website ranked on the first page making me triple figures per day. I have to agree with @MojoJojo on this one, content is key and it has to be the first thing you worry about, then build high quality backlinks, links from related websites to yours are the best. Finally, this all takes time, you need to be patient, it took around 3 months for my website to rank and it’s not in a hard niche.

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Do you use any particular tools to select your keywords? Ex. KWFinder, Ahrefs, etc.

I use Google keyword planner, that’s about it. I don’t want to use tools a lot, because I’m still learning so I try to do as much manually work as possible.

I’m just learning as well for the most part, and I’m starting to get a little overwhelmed by all the tools people recommend. I honestly might just use Google Keyword Planner and write some 1500-2000 word articles for <1000 long tail keywords at this point, haha.

what is your niche and anyone have a travel blog.

Manual research is typically best. At least to start with. Pick a medium keyword, see who is ranking and why. Do better than them and the rest works itself out.

I try to target a 3 to 4 word long phrase. Once you are optimized for that, you naturally rank for a zillion long tail combinations.


What is a medium keyword

Do you recommend using Moz’s MozBar to look into the DA and PA of the ranking websites in the SERPS before committing to a keyword/topic or do you publish, publish, publish and not worry too much about competitors?

My general tactic is cover your basics (manual research, solid content). Once you have done that, only then you dig into the nitty gritty with all the tools and bars.

The opposite tends to overwhelm people as they get too attached to the numbers.

Once you have a few pieces of solid content out and you have optimized your site and you know how to get links / do outreach, then it is time to hit the next level. With the right tools you can discover a lot of little tweaks that can make the whole operation rank better. But tweaking something that is already working is a lot more productive than tweaking poor, unranked or worse, not published content.

At the end of the day, SEO and YT SEO is pretty much the same at the core. You are better off putting 10 good videos out and then tweaking the titles and descriptions, etc than trying to create that perfect video that will hit all the VidIQ suggestions.


Travel = hard keyword

Best places to visit in Italy = medium keyword

Best vegan restaurants that serve wine in Napoli = easy