Need some suggestions - Crypto

Hey, your suggestion would be highly appreciated.

I am quite new to crypto and I am looking for the best new cryptocurrency where I can invest money and can get some good returns by end of 2021.

Please come up with your suggestions that are gonna be quite helpful for me.

imo, if you’re buying now to sell by end of 2021, that’s not really investing… that’s what I call gambling… and if it were so easy to pick, it woudn’t be so obvious. Some serious research should be involved. Or else you’ll disappoint yourself. My 2 cents.

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If you can invest and are okay with waiting 5 years, crypto is definitely interesting in my opinion. Safer options are the big coins, such as BTC, ETH, ADA. Lower cap coins are higher risk, but can also give more returns.

If you want to minimize risks, you could use dollar-cost averaging strategy :wink:

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I can give it 5 years. but looking for something where i can spend 1-2K USD and wait for 5-10 years

Make a strategy for yourself. You could for example put 50% into BTC/ETH and then the other 50% in higher risk coins.

just buy whatever is the hype, whatever with a working product.

nowadays nft are the hype, but do your own research and hold long term