Need suggestion for Accounts getting blocked in a very short time of use

Hello Mates
Hope all of you’re fine.

I’m having an issue with my Accounts on jarvee like my all Accounts get invalid ( like: email configuration, phone validation etc) after working only 2-3 hrs whereas i’m using HQ 4g rotating proxy

I don’t have any issue in verifying them but the issue is, when I clear the required verification, my Accounts get blocks, Instagram says “ Thanks for providing your info, etc”,

To overcome this problem, I perform very less actions on my Accounts like only 10 dms in an hour, and total 160-170 dms in 24 hrs and reduced the speed of all other tools but still i’m having the same problem with my Accounts

So plz can anyone suggest what should I do for it ?

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You must either be fishing for leads or you are a total noobie, if you say that 160-170 DMs per day is low! I even doubt if one could send so many DMs via Jarvee especially.

Anyway, to have lesser blocks/no blocks, building trust for the session and the device is important. Do generic actions like a normal user would, do not use intervals like a robots, make the actions as quick as possible in a short span of time and then rest it for hours together and hopefully if will help you get rid of those verifications


Are you using scraper accounts?

You should lower you Contact tool settings to 1-2 DMs per hour. Also, make sure you’re using good spin syntax in your Message Text.

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Hi wtf 10 DMs in 1 hours this is crazy.

If i don’t know how your PM looks like i cant help you.

Im shure your PM Text hase bugs and the algorithm see something like spam scam. If your PM is agains the law you have so or so issues. And if Your PM is not good and just selling many real people will Block your Account and if your Account get many Blocks of Users your Account get Block and Trust lev 0.

And u dit a test how long you need in real to make this text and send it normal like an Human. If you need for a long text 5 Minutes and u set up every 2 minute send Text. Try to be smart. You can see the problem :wink: Think like a Human not like a Mashin and maximum. Human have Limits, Timlimits, Lifelimits etc.

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That is too aggressive. I am personally not going over 1 DM per hour and it’s been like that for months. Also, use scraper accounts, make sure that you’re logged out of other devices and that you are using proxies if you’ve got multiple IG accounts.

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if you are referring that one account is doing 10 DM per hour and a total of 170 dm per day then that’s the main reason you get verifications and errors, you should keep your DM’s under 30 per day.


yeah you’re right, actually i was doing it manually before jarvee, so i did i think 200 dms in 6 hrs and my accs were working properly fine, but its machine, i should keep this in my mind, y the way thank you soo much for your suggestion, i’ll try to reduce it then we will see what will happen

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thanks for you suggestion, i was thinking to lower the dm count and were thinkin what should be the count, but you replied on the Question i had in my mind, i’ll do as you said “30 in a day”


can you plz give me the settings, that i should do ?

like interval and rest and all other things ?

i like your reply, its a good one reply among all.

But can you make me understand this line of your reply: " If you need for a long text 5 Minutes and u set up every 2 minute send Text", like i didn’t got it, can you plz tell me settings for a long term working with same accs ?

Yea Automatisation can make like 20% of real human work. Its shit but you don’t have to use your time and time is the must value think that a human have. more than money.

About your Question. I just try to help to think in the right way but you have to make your own journey. i give free tips at this forum but im also a business man. I don’t give all 1:1 and baby-sitting people.

Hi @ossi

can you plz tell me what is scraper account ?
and why should i use it ?

what’s different between simple account and scraper account ?

thanks, looking for your reply

U said u use Instagram long time manually. This are your Settings. Remember how u use Instagram as person and try to make 1:1 Simulation. Just reduce the Action from normal use like 80% and increase it step by step. If you get block or verify don’t increase go again a little bit lower and than you have your first limit for your account. Run this limit like 1-3 Month and than try to increase again until you get the same result like you did it Manually. Because Jarvee is not an Official tool and not Professional the Fingerprints are not the best and Instagram know that u use Automatisation. So in the end the let you use it or the Ban you. Depents if you are i green area or if you do it to hard and to fast. this is what Instagram don’t like. Greed is never good. Better slow and safe that fast and lose all.

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Use these settings, they are sent to me by Jarvee support and they work fine but try to start even slower and work your way up

10 Follows per hour
10 Unfollows per hour
10 Likes per hour
2 Comments per hour
1 DM per hour
10 Like Comments per hour
30 Story Viewer per hour

daily limit of:

100 - 150 Follows per day
100 - 150 Unfollows per day
100 - 150 Likes per day
20 - 30 Comments per day
15 - 20 DMs per day
100 - 150 Like Comments per day
200- 300 Story Viewer per day
2 Reposts per day


thank you soo much for you advice, i lower the count, actually imma newbie on it

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thank you soo much @Luca for sharing this information

i saved it, now i’ll keep it in my mind for everything i’ll perform with my accounts on jarvee

really thanks

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Yea what @Luca said is the best why to start to be so safe as possible. But if you was power user on real Phone you can start a little bit higher. But if you are new to JV just start with this.

Dont know your Proxy and if you handle all the small bugs that are inside of JV. If you don’t fix all small bugs insight and are running high Action its dangers. If you have all other Set ups perfectly you can start with higher settings. Depents on you and your skill trust.


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welcome buddy, we are here to help each other :+1:

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