Need Suggestion Regarding Market Price

Hey Everyone,
Will you please tell me the market price of these different services. I want to start these services as my own but I have no idea about market price.

  1. Website Design And Development
  2. Android App Development
  3. iOS App Development
  4. Promo Video For A Business
  5. Logo Design
  6. Broucher and Flyer
  7. Explainer Video
  8. WhiteBoard Animation
  9. Explainer Video With 3D Avatar
  10. E-Book Creation
  11. Banner Ads(Facebook, Instagram etc)
  12. Facebook Page Management Service
  13. Instagram Account Management Service
  14. Twitter Account Management Service
  15. Full Social Media Management Service
  16. Whole Digital Marketing Management Service
  18. ON Page And OFF Page SEO
  19. PowerPoint Slides Creation
  20. Online Course Creation

I learnt all these things and now I am thinking about creating my own agency. But I have no idea about the average Market Price.

Kindly Tell me the market price of these different service.

Thanks In Advance

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Do you want to offer each service separated by each other or all with one service and agency?

If you do all together as one agency, I would chare at least 1k, which from my point of view, would still be not enough at all!

Since it is almost like a social media marketing agency, you will have to target small to medium businesses and they are more than happy to pay 1-2k+ for those services.

  1. 300-500
  2. 100-400
  3. 100-400
  4. 20-50
  5. 20-40
  6. 10-30
  7. 20-40
  8. 20-40
  9. 40-60
  10. 80-150
  11. 40-60
  12. 60-150
  13. 60-150
  14. 60-150
  15. 100-500
  16. 500-1,000
  17. 30-60
  18. 30-70
  19. 10-40
  20. 90-250

I have no idea about anything but that would be my idea!

Just look up a few things on even though those prices are sometimes really low.

I think now looking at each at once, you are trying to offer them one by one and not all together so I think you are able to charge more for each individual service.

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Thanks @Mr.Robot

It’d say that’s depend on your target market. I can charge $3K for a website in US but only $200 in my country :rofl: with the same website.

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13 Char (Please someone get rid of this please!)

Instagram Account Management Service: Depending if it is full service or not you can definitely get alot of money.

For example: follow/unfollow you can charge $50-$100 alone
engagement groups $100-$500 depending if comments are included and how many
powerlikes $5-$20 per post
Full account services including posting etc. $1000+/month easy peasy