Need suggestions for my accounts (1-2 Years old )

I have 15 instagram accounts ranging from (10K -30K ) but i have not posted images atleast 50 Weeks what should i do with this accounts ? If i start posting on the accounts i will get low engagements. I just used tool to follow and unfollow (before i was using other software now mass planer.) .Please suggest.

I would start to follow and unfollow again and posting images, but I would not be to spammy. You can start to post 1-2 images per day till your reach will start to be bigger.
Even if accounts are 1-2 years old, you haven’t posted anything for long time, so start it slowly.

P.S. Don’t do the same for all accounts, try to test it and find the best method for you.

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Thanks will start uploading pictures.I have not stopped follow/unfollow, I am getting 100-200 followers for every 500-700 follow, Is there any way to post for accounts, doing manually neither safe nor easy job.

Any tutorial for uploading photos in massplaner?

You can user the feature “Monitor folder” and Mass Planner will create post from every image of video from your folder.

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