Need Suggestions for Starting IG Mother-Child Method to grow my IG

I am going to try Mother-Child Method to Grow My Instagram Page. But IG is very strict about botting these days I want some suggestions and tips&tricks to minimise loses. Anybody currently using this method? Please guys suggest me to start over the things. I will start with 100 child accounts.


if it’s your first time then dont go for huge number of accounts just start with 10 accounts, test settings,proxies,accounts. Search in the forum you will find usefull threads about bot settings, what is the current best proxies & accounts creation.

i dont think M/S works anymore, since actions are easily blocked now a days… unless u wanna do some cold DM’in ( churn & burn )

I cannot tell you how many people/brands are still using the method, but the number is huge!, of course, you need time to mature your children, so I would recommend focussing on that, going slowly to avoid unnecessary blocks. And once they have a decent size you can focus on the actions towards the mother. We are doing it and IG’s changes didn’t affect us at all in this aspect.


M/S is by far not dead.

How can it be effective when u can’t follow more than 100 a day especially on new slave accs?

Who can’t follow more than 100???

And I said: you need time to mature your children, so I would recommend focussing on that, going slowly to avoid unnecessary blocks.

Automation is not more difficult than before is just slower.


You can definetly do it but you will need to scale gradually. Start with couple of accounts with differrent settings and proxies, figure out what works, then scale that to the amount you want

From how long you are doing it without issue bro? I am also thinking of starting warming up the children without any action towards mother. After some time will start pointing mother from one by one.

Go slowly but with alot more slaves.

Yes sure bro…I am going to warm up 100 Accounts at present but will not make any actions to promote main account. Will start promoting from lower numbers of Accounts.

hmmm that’s not Jarvee :grin: but i think you avoid the blocks by your proxies and settings and it’s not about the bot, is that correct ?

do you use log in and log out feature? i seem face some account disable due to this

Blocks are all about settings, proxies and acc quality (of creation).

I never had a disable due to logout login. Something else you’re doing wrong

I have a few groups of slaves:

#1 2 months old
#2 6-12 months old
#3 12-24 months old

And I always check the mother very well, a mother that had blocks or was flagged for automation a few times it won’t perform well and will affect the slaves too.

You want a healthy link between the slaves and mothers.

Note: I do interchange slaves between mothers (even with different niches)

Note: In my case the slaves are “living” in different IPs (locations too) to make them look more natural too.


Why would it matter if mother was blocked or flagged for automation before?

I mean yeah u can still automate, but its harder than before for sure, and it can be a really pain in the ass for beginners nowadays

yeah it might be since it’s not cookie fed click and go anymore. It requires more testing, brains and patience now.