Need the mother/slave method service


I am a travel blogger looking for anyone that offers the mother/slave method for instagram.also who’s mother slave accounts are working after the June update.

Message if you offer the mother/slave method service.

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Valar has been banned on this forum for violating forum rules. Don’t recommend his service here please.

Removed, and sorry. I personally like his services. Why was he banned tough?

Not sure about the exact reason. But leaders say he broke seller rules and scammed people. Take it with a grain of salt, I don’t know the exact reason. I also bought things from him in the past so he may not be all bad. But it’s good to know people’s background before doing business with them.

Yes it’s possible he was promoting his services here. I mean it’s a rather good place to do so given that he only sells insta stuff xD. I was never scammed by him. been using his services over 7 monhs i’d say

He just kept spamming his services on several different posts from what I was seeing which clearly was against the forums rules. Was getting pretty annoying.

2nd account of his maybe? lol

No, just a die hard “fan” xD

What is everyone talking about

anyway, back to the topic. It’s hard to find MS sellers at the moment. Because of the blocks issues… If you have deep pockets, you’ll find someone.

Or you could just DIY, it’s not hard xD

I heard it is very time consuming to do and I don’t have the time to, also don’t know how to set them up.

Time consuming YES! But only for starters. You need like 1h to set up 10 of them (If you want them to be legit). If you have a bot for them that’s all you need there is nothing special about them. Personally i post 9 photos of the Mother acc, with Mother acc’s name on photos (@xxxxx), create a nice looking bio, set up DM’s and the bot does the rest. There are tons of batch photo editing software out there that can minimize the time to edit your photos. Try ImBatch its free.

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I sent you a DM so I can discuss more about it.

Hey! you should write a quick and dirty tutorial I think it would be super helpful.