Never delete Locked Facebook Accounts

I save my bad FB accounts in hopes they will come back to life. This works for almost all account Locked issues. Example: Identify Friends, Get code from friend, get code from email, get code from phone. All of these issues seem to work themselves out over time. I wait one week and attempt login with Jarvee then every 30 days and I try to login on my mobile phone. When I do this I have good success. Even if the account is locked for a year. Yesterday I unlocked an account that had been locked since 2019. My success rate is pretty high and would even consider buying lists of Locked accounts. Only Locked I can not fix is “Disabled”.

Is anyone else doing this? Is everyone doing this? Is there a better way to do this?


humm, I will try to login into one of my locked accounts, and we will see how it goes

thanks for sharing. i also have 2 accounts that were lock i will try may be it will work for me too.

After multiple login attempts, you can log in to the account without having to do any verification at all?

Do you use a proxy when you try to log in in Jarvee?

yes that’s true i have experienced the same with IG account a few of them got verification and i did not vefiy them even once but after 30-45 days i did and it went so smooth.

hey i do fb marketing and i have multiple fb locked accounts which i keep trying to login 1-2 times a week but all of them are stuck on learn more button. The get started button is not coming don’t know why.
I have not tried to login via phone yet but from chrome i do.

No success yet in getting back the locked accounts.

Please check what you might be doing wrong on those accounts to avoid making the same mistake on the other accounts.

What do you have in common between them and how many posts you do per day on each one of them.

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This is also true if you do not have the phone number for the account; after a period of time, you’ll be asked if this is the correct number and allowed to change it!

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From what I have noticed there is no specific action that causes the lock. It comes after accepting friend requests, joining/posting to groups and fan pages or walls as well. It comes after sending DM’s as well and in some cases just Sync of the profile is causing it to be locked. So there is no specific pattern in which FB is giving the lock it is giving at different types of actions.

So it will be difficult to pinpoint what causes the locking of accounts.

Why don’t you just open a new account?
FB accounts come and go

I use accounts to grow friends groups joined pages sending DMS to invite tool so with time each account gets powerful and 20-30 of these work wonders but the problem now is FB is also locking accounts with a lot of activity and friends so all the work starts again on each new profile.

I cant just replace the work with the new account as it’s not set and spam it’s more like set and grow.

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I always use proxy. I assign it to account and I do not rotate them.

I do make new accounts but accounts that I lose typically are in 1000-1500 groups which is not an easy thing to do so I save the bad accounts in hopes they will all come back to life.

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