Never Recieve Code Error Suggestions?

Hi I am having this problem I can’t get past this screen. I never receive a code. The account was 1 day old. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Did you check with multiple numbers? Some phone numbers are blocked and do not receive the code.

If changing phone number does not work, try logging out, and click reset password. Do NOT change the password, but login again and try getting the code then.

Same what @driulis says, sometimes a phone numbear does not work. I have had the same recently, another phone number worked for me.

Make sure you use a new phone number, otherwise your account might get disabled :wink:

When I try that it says no users found. I clicked “Forgot password” im not sure if thats what you meant. I also tried multiple numbers no luck.

Have you tried refreshing the page then trying to send the code again?

If it says ‘sorry, there was a problem, please try again’ then the code was not sent at all.

And I would agree with @coehn, try using a different phone number… If you are already using the current phone number on another IG account, then that’s the reason why the code is not sent there anymore.

Did you register the account with a phone number? If yes, use it in “Reset password” option.

Either bad phone number or bad ip will cause the sms to not send. Very common when using sms services.

I think it’s related to the IP you’re using. Stop requesting for a new code from that IP for 1-2 days, then try again or you can try to use a proxy on your PC/laptop, see if it will work.

your IP is blacklisted most likely, try to change it and the device from where you login and it should fix the issue, also, do that after 2-3 days of rest and see how it goes.

Prolly the code hasn’t been sent at all and most often it’s related to using the same phone number for multiple accounts or running the account on a bad flagged proxy.