New 5 Day Block Message

A customer received a message and a 5day block on around 140/150 F/Uf and 250 Likes per day


Can you give more details of the setting the account was on, and what type of proxy was used?

Did the client not also perform mass actions himself?
Did you do anything more?
Are only observations and likes?

This block message should be merged with the mega block thread.


Interesting also,
is the block a full one like some people were relating a week ago ?
Can he still post on his wall / story ?
Or it is just follow / like block ?

What are your recent 30 days stats ?
Super strange… hope we can avoid this !
Thanks for sharing

Ladies and gents, please post anything related to BLOCKING in the mega threads. Things are changing all the time and new blocks and messages are flying in daily so lets keep it all in one place.

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