NEW! 60 actions per hour = 1 per minute

We have read tons of posts talking about the maximum actions per hour and per month but we never discussed actions per minute.

It sounds crazy or too aggressive to talk in minutes but let me tell you that today we got unfollow blocks in accounts set for 25-30 unfollows per hour (way low) but… for the run-timers Jarvee unfollowed 16 accounts in 15mins, we double-checked the logs and all accounts affected had the same settings +/- 1 or 2 mins.

So we know now that IG is checking the “action counter” in minimum intervals, IG is not checking if you did more than 60 in one hour, IG is just using math to apply the block using the live data for a forecast.

Now we will test if the same happens with other type of actions.

Please if you detect a similar behavior comment below! :slight_smile:



Wow, perhaps we need to have a longer time between follows

I don’t know about follows yet, but with unfollows is working as described.
A game changer for sure, one more…


Right, right. I meant unfollows
We may now need to begin monitoring the unfollows more closely and spacing them out.


Ive found that the longer intervals between actions the better off the accounts are, think about the human aspect, you don’t follow or unfollow accounts with almost no time in between, in the real world you would be deciding what to do for that particular account and checking its posts, etc.


Hmmm, not really sure about that, have u ever seen teenagers using IG in subway? They scroll and throw one like each 2 seconds :smiley:


Didn’t mention likes in my post…

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Yep mate, sorry, I was thinking about the like problem i(when u mentioned actions) in that moment. My bad.

Of course Instagram does not calculate actions in time intervals just as
1am - 2am
2am - 3am
3am - 4am and so on.
It’s also for sure not a “forecast” based on live data.

It’s just too many actions in any short period of time.
One could set that up simplified in excel within 3 minutes.
You build sums of likes given and divide it by the time (for example by seconds).
Last 10 likes were within 50 seconds = 0,2
Last 20 likes were within 80 seconds = 0,25
Last 30 likes were within 100 seconds = 0,3

And then you could say: „if number of recent X likes (X must be bigger than e.g. 50 - so you don’t get blocked after e.g. 5 very quick likes) have a factor bigger than Y; than block“.

This is why you are blocked if you like 60 post without a break but you might be lucky if you spread it over an hour. The hourly limit is just for you to set to have better control.

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My first unfollow block came from quickly manually unfollowing 20 accounts in about 5 mins, I’d never had one before so I think there is definitely more than one trigger to the blocks.

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Same happened to me the other day. I find I get these less when im on my phones 4G rather than connected to the Wi-Fi though.


if you do it manually from phone with internet from sim card you can unfollow around 150 people on one time in 5 minutes. so its not the problem with delays but problem with massplanner api


Ok, I guess this is different when connected to the Wi-Fi on the phone?

The IP’s we get from the 4G/LTE cell towers are whitelisted.

One IP can be given to multiple phones, so that’s what makes a 4G IP harder to block. So I think being on a mobile connection will def increase the amount of actions that could be performed. I think they limit those using regular IP’s from WiFi at home or work.

I’ve also noticed business IP’s do well too. In my office, I can run over 10 accounts on the same network. Not sure why, but something I thought I should mention.

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That’s an interesting point about business connections, will have to test it out.

No, every human who does follow/like activity on a bigger scale or with intention to grow account doesn’t pick and choose usernames for minutes. It usually does 30-40follows in under of 5minutes. Human behaviour is BS. Human behaviour depends on numerous of factors, some people have lifes like a open readable step by step book, others are chaotic. Instagram as a business CANNOT make block/disabling decisions based on subjective thing.

They can only block where they can clearly see you crossed the line between TOS, otherwise 50% of bans would happen on a daily basis. So human behaviour is BS. The thing causing the most blocks is a lot of action scraping in small amounts of time with outdated settings, device ids and IPs.

We had never and I repeat NEVER had a problem with our own scraped sources, custom unique device ids and residential ips or 4G routers.


Seems there’s a lot of wishful thinking in your response, suit yourself, what I said is what I use and it works for all my accounts. They seem human and the settings work.

I’ve tested for months with time variation of 1 - 3 minutes between actions across the board and it did help quite significantly.

What I will also say is that I can manually on a phone follow or unfollow 30 people in a row as fast as possible if I really want to on a fresh account without getting blocked either. Once reaching 30 I get an invisible block where the follow / unfollow doesn’t happen.

Might be worth testing further actually.

Out of interest, has anyone tried 1 - 3 seconds between follows, but only 20 - 30 an hour, with randomized intervals so it mimics a sporadic following spree?


Guys one thing is avoiding IP blocks, I mean blocks which are related to any sort of connection interconnecting with IG, but another thing is definately unrealistic activity on IG. That is constantly doing bigger numbers of likes, comments, follows & unfollows. Before automation days, I used to do manual actions on IG, and honestly even back then I did receive blocks on actions. So being convinced that a good connections saves you from blocks is wrong. Big amount of actions on insta gets you blocked even manually. It’s only a matter of time. The API limit of 60 actions per hour was a limit to stay under in early days. I doubt it is that many today. Now you may experience being able to do more than 60 today, but I doubt it will be possible on the long run. I do around 10-20 today personally.

60 actions per hour is the limit? who said that? im able to follow up to 85 per hour…