New Acccoun For Scrapping

Hello Guys,
Lately I see a lot of people is searching for specific accounts for scrapping, I was wondering why… Because even a newly created account is able to scrap smoothly …
I saw people is selling scrapper account which to me is a little ridiculous lol
Even my friend created a total brand new account last 2 weeks and his scrapper were fine …
So I’m not sure what’s the issue here…
I guess you should just save your money …

It seems they’re just looking for cheap IG accounts for scraper accounts because they can’t create more accounts by themselves. Maybe they’ve created too many accounts with their IP, so IG doesn’t allow them to create more accounts.

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I hope that’s the case, cause I see many people desperately looking for scrapper account and some seller are pushing it and asking people to buy them which in my opinion is a little unethical …

Guys it’s just a time vs cost thing - I can buy a scraper account for 0,10 dollar I do normally need around 500-1000 scrapers which means 50$-100$.

If I would now compare my „time costs“ for making my own accounts I see it is way cheaper for me to buy some instead of making them by my self

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Do you mind sharing where you bought scraper accounts? the cheapest provider I can find sells accounts for 0,3 USD per account. I’m looking for some scraper accounts. for my project.

People want scrapers in bulk. Creating accounts in bulk is problematic when you get into double digits unless you really know what you’re doing.

You can buy $0.10 scrapers at valar and agedaccounts

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Thank you! 13char

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agedaccounts is the name of the website. just thought I better mention that incase anyone thought I was referring to aged accounts.

  • and no it’s not my site, nor am I affiliated with it.

Hey Klique, none of the two exist anymore. Do you have other cheap options today?