[New Account] ---> 3 Months - 20K Followers

Hello everyone !
I came accross this account and I was amazed of the amount of followers he has in this short time period.

-this is his principal account, there’s no big account from the same niche in his list of following
-He doesn’t seem like using F/U for his growth
-I didn’t want to show his username because he may be a member here and he wants to keep his accounts for himslef

My question is :
Is this something achievable !
Without F/U or shoutouts ?

Thank you all !

how do you know they are not using shoutouts and/or mentions in a network?
I’ve seen that growth in one day…many times.

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Sorry I forgot to mention that I asked him !
Maybe he lied about it !

M/S, giveaway loop, comment mentions, story mentions, etc.

100% he lied

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100 % agree, so let’s be clear, he lied to you.

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What niche and what kind of content is he posting?

Animals - he’s reposting animals pictures and videos !

Just look at @Alexnvo’s work. And you’ll see these types of growth with his methods.

Edit: and even better, lol


I wish he would shout me out with his network :eyes: :joy:


yes that’s right, you just need the right people to do the right work :blush:

Interesting but possible.

There are countless ways to grow Instagram pages, and from the amount of posts it wouldn’t be impossible for them to have grown the account through a combination of getting lucky/knowing the algorithm and hitting the explore page consistently.

At the same time, unless he’s faked his engagement, it could have been grown through giveaways. Especially when big enough influencers team up with agencies, some giveaways can yield up to 100,000 followers in a week (the regular ones the Kardashians do are testimony to this).

Otherwise, it could be by any method of drawing in external and targeted traffic. Bio mentions, Instagram ads, shoutouts, email campaigns, cross pollination of audiences from other social medias etc. As long as you can reach a specific audience (inside or outside of IG), there are ways to drive them to instagram profiles.


As all the others mention, there is a series of other things to do other than F/UF.

More or less mentioned here:

Yet don’t forget DM groups (Telegram). I witness them a lot lately. They seem to get more and more active “again”.

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I seen accounts grow the first hour 6k(not me), The fastest 20k I did was under a week.
Real followers. Called shouts – paid or own network. Also some accounts via timing, goodluck and one hell of viral content can get 20-30 k first months without shouts and done organically. These often have help with ER groups. F/u would never-- NEVER – produce these anymore. two/three years ago one could grow 10k-20k first month via follow recent followers but ER would be crap.


I’ve never found EG that really helped my account. Do you have any insights or recommendations? (I was in 1000 telegram groups…) thanks


Most likely paid shoutouts or own network with M/S.
There can’t be “luck” with getting viral for small accounts.


well is nothing +20k in 3months