New Account Compromised error

STARTED FACING THIS AGAIN. AM I THE ONLY ONE? Instagram can detect JV again now!

I don’t have that issue, so I don’t think Jarvee is the problem. The account compromised issue happens most likely because you do actions on that account manually on another device or you use another automation software at the same time. If that’s not the case, do you use scraper accounts? and do you promote a website in your DM?

I do send DMs but that is it. These are newly made accounts which I attached on JV.

this happen to me too , is an ig update , didnt solved the issue yet

try to give us more details about your setup, everything that you can think of and we will try to advise as best as possible.

I will be happy to provide the details, what kind of details you require?

Have you warmed up the accounts first before you started sending DMs? And is sending DMs the only action you performed with JV prior to getting this compromised message?

How many other IG accounts do you have running and do they share common grounds such as same bio, same link in the bio, posting the same images, using the same caption, sending the same message text, using the same proxies?

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How many actions are you doing per hour and per day? Do you access the account outside while you are running the account on Jarvee. These are the common causes of compromised accounts. Another thing is bad proxy, do you use proxy that account? How many accounts are attached to that proxy?

thats not a jarvee problem, which proxy are you using ? are you on default settings?