New account, should I post 3x a day?

Watched this algorithm video that was pretty legit, they got basics like don’t delete posts and first 5 posts are important to be pushed into tiers 1-4.

They advised to post 3x a day with a new account. Does this make a big difference, as compared to making one quality post a day?


At the moment it seems pretty hit and miss for me, I haven’t noticed a pattern of posting that increases my views. Some get 100k+ some get 500, it seems pretty random in general


Yesterday I posted 2 videos in 1 day. They are doing kinda bad and it’s quality content.

So there is not really a fixed schedule to do that I guess.

It just gives you more “at-bats” to go viral early on. I don’t think it makes a difference, as long as you post everyday.

There are so many variables so it is hard to say why honestly. What is your niche?


It is in adult niche. Maybe I am secretly shadowbanned. I had 1 disabled post 2 days ago that broke the guidelines.

for sure lol. That’s unfortunate

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Design as in the job. I’d it ok to post once a day? As it’s an older niche

Def okay. Consistency day to day is more important!

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Hey there, I got my second viral video. So, my opinion is that quality is key. I wasn’t shadowbanned, I was posting something that my audience “mysteriously” didn’t like.

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Hell yeah haha. The market is always the judge. Listen to the market. :laughing:

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How many views?

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Currently at 46.1K. I will not post today to let this post ride the trends and for you page.
The problem is, you cannot predict accurately what your audience wants and what pops out.

Why stop? The new posts won’t affect the good one.

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I saw some post here that said to let the post ride for some little before making a new one.

Anyways, with this viral post, all the views, likes and comments from all my previous videos grew X3 times or more.

Yeah and IMO if you post again, that new video will have a better chance of going viral from the boost.

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Easily could be. TikTok is so sensitive to that kind of content.

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Oh yeah, I can see that. All my new posts receive x3 more views. So Viral Videos definitely play a positive role in growing your account overall.

Yessir! 100%. Keep us updated on those recent ones. Wouldn’t be surprised if they pop.