New account will be ban within 24 hours after success creat

Hi. I used email and phone number to creat instagram account . And update the bio add email and profile img after account creatted immediately. but almost 50% account will get challenge&ban within 24 hours. this happen since two weeks ago. does anybody have this problem?

4G proxy with unique IP, Gmail and IG App?

Yea,I use 4G unique ip. android 165 vertion API,Testted Russia&china&VN phone numeber. I use phone number to creat account. add ramber&163 email to account after success creat

Try Gmail, lately that’s been working. Add only real SIM nrs that you have access to later also, when you get PV.

Its because the IP has been flag by instagram.
It will continue to ban account created in that IP.

The OP sadly did not mention if he is using proxies, but for Mobile this is simply not true :wink:

Yea i use 4G mobile proxies and Im sure the ip address is fresh. So i dont think the problem is IP

He said unique IP, but how unique is it? We all know that the promise of unique IP is not at all true.

The number connected to the account also has something to do with the ban.

thank you. I will test gmail .Will reply you when i have result, I just add email to the account, not verify

I setup mobile proxies myself and i have mobile proxies location base 10 cities

Simple. Mobile IPs are almost never unique. Your ISP will reuse the outbound IP multiple times across their network - because they simply don’t have enough IPv4 for a 1:1 ratio. So banning a mobile IP means harming potential real users in the process.

Are you doing any actions after creation?

I have setup group test.
Group A :add email to the account after creation within Five minutes
Group B:add email to the account after creation within Five minutes &Update Bio & follow suggestion user random
Maybe i should just left it without add email ?

Maybe just create them without adding anything and see if they still survive. Sometimes the flaws are hidden deep in the beginnings :slight_smile: