New actions for Botting.Tested actions on Instagram manually and find some patterns

Yesterday I have tested IG manually for finding patterns and humanize my bots.

I have commented manually on Firefox from my computer, after each 10 comment IG didnt let me to comment. So I made followings actions - Explore, Story view and like some posts from my feed, then comment function worked again.
Lately I have tested a Russian bot which already embedded this Human like functions to the bots. The Logic in This bots is - you comment , follow, like and you specify to bot to explore , story view or browse between actions.
DOes Jarvee support this functionality?


Very interesting. Would like to see what others have to say about this. @HenryCooper

How much time did you take between every comment?

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2 3 minutes and 5 6 actions explore, like own feed post, story views

One day of testing is hardly any testing.
Also be systematic in your testing and add all the details.

Regarding your questions about Jrv, you can use the search bar in the forum for a great level of knowledge.

Welcome to the forum, I would read a lot before posting.


What I have learned;

  • Use a few accounts to test, have a decent sample size
  • Test over many days
  • Test many things (settings, proxies, delays, sleep timers, post frequency, combining actions, action sequences, etc.)

I like the fact that you have already carried out a test yourself, that shows good initiative :slight_smile: I also tend to ask a lot of questions, so I can’t discredit you for that. But if you can, always try running some tests yourself.

Honestly, the richest data stream you can have is personal experience.

Then another thing, DOCUMENT your tests. Excel everything.

  • Times
  • Actions
  • Blocks (and times of blocks)
  • Follow back ratios (fbr)

See if you can draw patterns from that on a decent sample size and you’ll be on your way.

Another thing, IG is having so many changes right now, so best not to bank on any one thing right now :slight_smile: So try many things but don’t get married to any one setting :slight_smile:

As far as I know, yes. I think it was Daniel who mentioned a while ago that jarvee does, in fact, scroll and do human-like activities.

I hope that helps you :slight_smile:


The less systematic your activity is the better. I’ve always completely randomized my activity to the point where everything overlaps. As soon as I became more systematic i.e. scheduling different tools for different segments of the day, that’s when problems started arising for me personally.

This being said, I have to agree with @runninx77 and @rynie on all points. There is a lot of information on this forum and I’m sure that with a bit more reading and testing you’ll find everything you’re looking for.

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