New algorithm modification?

Instagram announced today that it is changing its algorithm to push original content like never quite before, and reposted content in Reels and within the main feed can take a back seat.

Mosseri wrote: “If you create something from scratch, you should get more credit than if you are resharing something that you found from someone else.”

IG will currently be less than double to favorite reposts of Reels or accounts that collect and reshare different users’ content.

It’s not specifically clear how anybody can confirm the difference between OC and reposts, and Mosseri acknowledged that the app “can’t know for sure.”

But he says they have inbuilt “classifiers” which will score how doubtless one thing is to go be original and whether or not the app acknowledges that the content has been announced before.
If it works as meant, this is often a welcome amendment for creators troubled to grow.

Do you suppose this modification can affect IG’s battle to keep up quality against TikTok?

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Yeah obviously… I see alot of random reposted content go super viral on Instagram whereas the original content creator have to work really hard to get engagement to their page… I think this is a great step from Instagram if they could make changes in their algo and promote real original content… but what I think is this is going to be really tough… Let’s see and hope for the best :sunflower:

Thanks… :sparkles:

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Direct to the content, this algorithm mod is going to take time to do what it intends and won’t happen in a day.

But on the other side, this won’t change anything regarding the nature of content creators vs pages. Sometimes, people don’t want to listen to every message from a person, but they would like to see similar messages shared from different people.

Thus, people are still going to follow pages that repost content, likely more than they would a content creator. The algorithm, will then push them to the front regardless if they reposted another creator’s work.

They’re trying to level an uneven playing field with the algorithmic ticket they used successfully to get where they are. However, they don’t understand algorithmically what makes the playing field uneven. Hint: it’s not the algorithm.

So the effects of this will primarily affect small pages negatively in favor of creators positively netting a small overall shift on the platform. But if you know how to grow a page, this change will effectively do nothing but remove more niche competition for an audience.

Same game, same complaints, nothing changed.

Tik Tok will still take the quality lead. Instagram, while too big to fail (in some ways) now, is still behind Tik Tok’s race. The only way for IG to really be fatally threatened is if Tik Tok magically went (backwards) into photo sharing.

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I think in a users perspective this is definitely improving the experience because it’s more likely that you don’t see the same post twice e.g.

Also this could be a real push for content creators to finally gain exposure back. I remember when I quit creating because I couldn’t keep up with repost pages posting 5 times a day. For me 2-3 posts a week were an insane amount of work which couldn’t be properly rewarded in terms of exposure. It was quantity over quality so maybe this update will switch from quantity to quality again.

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I agree with your point… I travel alot and I like creating short videos but I could only create 2-3 videos in a week as as reposting pages upload 5-6 videos in a day… :sparkles:

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I’m really looking forward to this.

We own and post a lot of original, highly viral, very successful copyrighted content. I don’t currently claim on repost accounts as I don’t mind bots going through and saving posts - it’s all engagement at the end of the day.

However, I don’t like them taking market share from our page.

This will mean they still scrape and save our content, but don’t take as much market share afterwards :wink:

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