New Arkose test during registration...impossible to solve

I’ve noticed something new while creating accounts (not even in mass, just normal single accounts) through desktop.

Before, it were just really easy captchas, but now, you have to solve 6 math problems and if you get one mistake, you have to start over again. I’m attaching an image example:

Does anybody know how to surpass this, specially while doing it in mass?

Thanks in advance

You need a 300 IQ, or you won’t join Instagram.

Now it’s a selective platform…


you could change other clean IP to register accounts

These captchas irritated me out especially when they got harder :rofl: you need a mathematican to solve it all day

Try to relogin sometimes they might show older easier ones…

How many accounts have you been crating from the same pc/network and what do you use them for? Using a proxy with IP which is not flagged would give you the regular “easy” captchas.

Have you found a solution since?