New auto app for you

So i found this app in the market basiclly if u want to use it for free just download Lucky Patcher App
and Patch the app Billing Than You can use it free
It can follow unfollow comment dm and like
And has a guide inside on how to use
for iphone users im sorry i looked also for you but didnt found

Enjoy And Dont Forget To Like :heart:


seems legit…


have you tested it out ? :slight_smile:

For iPhone only? But thats the Google Playstore in your screenshot … seem’s like a safe bet :roll_eyes:

That’s a pity… if someone finds an app for i-phone please tell us !

I also searched and have problems with almost all

guys magic appstore/play store app wont fix your issues… hate to break it down to you

try this thread … this one works unrtil you get up and running again

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