New block wave 24h/48h actions block

I’ve noticed that other people have also reported this issue on Facebook groups, Telegram and BHW forum, about a new wave of 24h/48h account block… basically this block in addition to present a message when you try to access your own profile, and it doesn’t update the feed… is anyone else going through this?

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Do you scrape a lot / tons of actions with those accounts ? I can only imagine that’s the reason

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Yes…not just on Scrapers accounts also some of our client accounts get this block, usually for 24h, some get this for 48.
Since most of this block is hitting the Scrapers, we thought at first that this is about scraping, but when we noticed that some clients get it too, we think now that this is not just about scraping, and also be caused by doing plain actions on your app like search users and going thru other profiles. Instagram has lost it completely…

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yes a lot of users mentioned that but not in my case, it’s most likely due to their setup and actions, can you give us more detais about what you do exacty.

F/U not more than 100-120 actions per day.

200+ Follows a day still fine over here with API or EB.

How…? Hmm what settings

I would say lower your settings to minimum possible until this get more clearer because on my side I don’t have much issues.

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What action have you tried to execute when this message popped up?

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It is on my costumer accounts… now i slow down, start 10-20 f and 10-20 unf on the first day… increasing 10-15 per day… maybe it help…

I was starting 70, 100 per day (running 120 per day)

Running only EB

But I guess my mistake is that accs was flagged and I keep starting 80, 100 follows per day.

I started now 10-20 follows day

Do you run follow / unfollow togheter ?

I saw on some forums that this block is hitting accounts that never used any automation, from my experience instagram will step back from this new block since this is hitting “regular” users, that have nothing to do with what we are dealing here.

running FUN together should not be a problem as long as you stay below the limit.
I think your problem may be related to more API requests for scraping may be.

yes, you should always lower your setting after a block, no you should never run both tools at the same time, that make the account look unnatural, you can use the automatic follow/unfollow option

F/UF same time is never the MAIN issue.

completely agree on this… my personal account was just sitting in Jarvee, no actions, not being used as scraper but I got that message today

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it is a problem when the account follow and unfollow at the same time especially when using the account on multiple devices it will definitely block the account or have verified.