New Brand - Create New IG Account or Buy Aged & Change?

Hey guys,

For my new brand, I was wondering if it’s better to create a new IG account from scratch, or buy a very high-quality aged account instead and change the username?

No botting, follow/liking or any of that stuff for the account.

Which would be better?

It’s hard to grow a new account without following/liking posts of other users. I guess you don’t want to use mother/slave method either. I would go for the second option if I were you.

I have no problem with growth - in a network with big accounts that will shoutout the account for me.

I just want to know which method is better to keep the account as safe as possible and not shadowban or reach reduction or anything negative like that.

I would just get a new account since you’re growing by shoutouts. Unless you’re considering the aged account because it already has some followers?

I would go with new accounts, that way i will know how the account was created and every other thing about it and that way i can keep it safe and grow it as I like.

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If you check the bought account before buying and see it was just growed by the person who sells you that account and have not made many changes on it and have the budget, buy it.

Otherwise grow it your self.

Better to start fresh. You don’t know how the aged account was made or what it contains. If you seriously care about your brand, you’d start fresh.

Agree 100%. With a new account, you can rest your head at night knowing it was created right

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if you don’t have problems to grow, your question is irrelevant. Do what you have “no problems” to do, comon sense.

Alright thanks guys, just going to create a new one by myself.

Should I create the new account on regular web browser, Jarvee, or buy an used phone and install the app and create it?

On my current phone, I have 3 accounts on IG already and don’t want anything to mess up

I think you already know the answer to that

Used phone? Really don’t know the answer to it.

I just want to make sure that this account doesn’t get shadowbanned or flagged because of my other accounts should somethings happen to them

A phone. Even better if it’s linked to a Facebook account