New Client Call [CHECKLIST]

This post is to form a chronological order list of topics to cover when on a sales call/initial pitch to a prospect client. I’m talking about best ways to phrase sell points etc. Also anything helpful that you always mention on a initial sales call.

  1. Greetings

I’ll add to this list as people begin to comment before. (***OR fell free to drop your own list below.)

  1. Hey
  2. Tell me about your goals with your brand/business in general and on Instagram?
  3. What have you done so far with you Instagram Account?
  4. Do you manage the account entirely yourself, or do other people help?
  5. Then I start going into tips: Make your bio better with emoji’s, who you are, what you do, call to action to click your link
  6. Think about getting a theme to your IG. Before you post anything think if it provides any Education or Entertainment. If it doesn’t do either, don’t post it. We wanna refine your content to provide value. Don’t post selfishly.
  7. Let’s talk about caption writing, using hashtags, and how to best use your IG on a daily basis (I.e. Instagram stories).

At this point they know I know my shit. Then I tell them about the services we provide and how we help our clients. I let them sit on that then and tell them to feel free to ask me any questions and I’d be happy to help.

Tell them all the shit they are doing wrong, why it is wrong, and what the right way is.


Oh mother, but a question :slight_smile:
I approach each one individually so I can not write what I’m talking about because I have no formula :slight_smile:
I like talking with everyone individually, and I have energy in my voice and trust.
At the beginning, I’m asking if we can talk to you or you or Lady :slight_smile:
Then I change to offer.
How the service works
What are the benefits?
What I receive at this price
And finally, I present prices
I love to talk with clients over the phone because the customer, as I am already angry, 95% of calls are sales :slight_smile:
I love talking to clients !!
And preferably those who are difficult.
I love it because you can learn a lot every time :slight_smile:
I never present an offer in writing.
Always a customer must contact me, because he wants me to know everything, so that there will be no misunderstandings.
In addition, he meets me on the phone.
We invite you to friends on FB to have the best contact.
Mogiła can talk for a long time.
But I came back from the gym and I’m totally tired: D

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