New Clients Asking For References...But Im Just A Noob

Hey guys, I just got into Instagram growth management. Have been able to send cold emails to new prospects and I’ve got these two guys who are ready to jump on board with me. But they need to see some accounts I have managed. But I don’t have any and i don’t want them knowing they are my first.

Is there a way I can go about this, i have tried telling them that there is a non-disclosure agreement with my clients but this statement is not holding with these guys. They just need proof. Any help/advise to get these clients will mean the entire world to me…Thanks.

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Veritas. Tell the truth and give them a discount. They are your learning experience so they shouldn’t have to pay premium. If you’re really inexperienced you may risk their accounts in the process which is just plain unethical. The worst people to work with in the world are those who won’t admit mistakes or the potential to make them.

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these people need an expert. And that’s what i claim to be (I’ve only worked as a VA in a growth agency, did the bulk of the work) Letting them know that I’ve not handled a client of my own makes me look more like an inexperienced person. But then you are right. i should have told them they are my first and offer them discounts.

Do you think i can still salvage the situation by telling them the truth when ive already mentioned that I handle some accounts and I have a non-disclosure agreement and stuffs like that?

I think that’s better than still playing along being an expert, then them discovering this later on. Be honest with them.

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it’s just that it’s quite hard to get a client when you don’t have a reference. But like you guys mentioned i should have come out real just like it is…no reference sir, but will offer you discount…

And you may start growing some accounts now, so you can have references in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

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yeah better to keep things clear but at the same time you can talk and explain to them your experience and everything that you have done in your previous job that should convince them a bit.

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I agree with other members that you should tell the guys upfront that they’re your first clients. This would avoid all the negative reviews they might give you after knowing from somewhere else.

Keeping that aside, you can convince them how they can benefit from you being your first clients (Tell them how you would do their work more sincerely as you don’t want bad reviews from your initial clients)

Best of luck and hope this helps!

Yes, you should be honest with them and not give them false hopes. This could only ruin your business but also your reputation.

I think it’s best to keep telling them that you can’t share your clients’ usernames. Saying you’re actually a newbie will make them think that you can’t be trusted since they’ll know you’ve been lying to them from the start. They will use your service if they really need it. If they decide to not use your service, that’s fine, forget those two guys, and try finding new clients. Next time you meet potential clients, offer them a discount and tell them the truth if they ask.

i have 5 accounts im growing right now. But doing this manually is very slow. Was hoping i could use the tools i bought to work on clients account to grow my accounts too. :grin:

Ive tried all i could but none is ready to commit fund to a guy without a review. I even gave discounts but they still want to see accounts i have managed…

@ossi Yeah, im sticking with the non-disclosure policy I threw at them earlier. cant afford to go back on my word that i have some accounts under my belt.

Hey there Cobby_007 :slight_smile:
Here is what I would do instead of you (honestly - what I did also haha):

  1. Grow my own accounts and get pictures of before and after
  2. Grow friends & family accounts for special price and after giving them real results asking for videos testimonials.
  3. Upload it all to my website & Youtube channel

I also think to learn about funnels and marketing will be great,
I would start from dot com secrets of Russell Brunson :slight_smile:

Goodluck and keep it up :slight_smile:

Easy thing to do is give them a free trial. Then show them your skills for a few weeks.

Also you can use examples of your own accounts.
I think you need to grow your own or friends accounts
And get some good examples and also test your skills.
Maybe even try jarvee.


agree with @heroeslair, another thing you can do along with a free trial for FUTURE CLIENTS is be honest and tell them you are starting out and make it your strong point like:-

  • You can give 100% effort and non-divided time to a single client.
  • you will make sure this client would succeed to build up your portfolio.
    etc etc…
    like @ossi NDA works, but only if you are good at sales, and know how to handle objections.
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Just to add to the amazing comments by others. It was not easy when I started too. I was able to land my first 5 clients with a free 3 days growth trial. The results were amazing within those 3 days and immediately I got even more accounts to manage from them. So if you are really good at it if you can go ahead and offer a trial. Although it may not be good news from some clients.

You are an inexperienced person and now you also want to be an unprofessional one by not telling the trough or implying something you’re not… if you present yourself correctly and place yourself in an expert position by talking you shouldn’t get any questions like: Am I your first client? If your prospects ask you something along those lines, that means you haven’t position yourself good in the first place