New Engagement Group, Earn For Engaging


Hey Guys,

I’ve made a fresh engagement group on telegram which has over 100 active users.

You must have a Fitness, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle or Travel account.

Joining is free if the account is approved.

You start with 10 points. Every 10 points allow you to post new content in the chat.

Every like and comment you leave gets you 1 new point. Engage with 10 posts and you get 10 points.

You can also exchange points for prizes and or money. Tag your telegram below and i’ll add you to review your IG page, if accepted you’ll be added to the group.


EDIT - If i like your comment below, i’ve messaged you on telegram


@notsofarfletched is my telegram sn

@luxurycard is the IG

Account is verified


How is this vetted? Is there a telegram bot or do you manually do everything?


telegram @hugo_gomez87
instagram @hugogomezphoto


I would like to know this too


Same here (13)


Messaged on Telegram


Everytime someone wants to join, the account is checked over by myself.

If account looks like its ran by a human and engagement is good and in one of the niches mentioned above, its accepted.

The group has rules, you can’t post without engaging with others so it works for everyone


Messaged on telegram


My telegram is @Baysen1 < -

Thanks in advance!


My Username @maniamedia


My telegram username: @dhlifestyle


Sent Telegram message


Can I just add, this group is awesome. Thanks @wemakeitwork


@florin22xxl on telegram


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


Telegram @pdalm


telegram @varunbarve




@crypt0dino its the number 0 not the letter O :slight_smile: