New Engagement Group, Earn For Engaging


It’s all automated by our telegram code. You engage with 10 accounts you get 10 points instantly.

you can also engage when ever you want. so engage with 5 now, get 5 points, engage with 5 later and make your 10 points to post.

You also get 10 free points, and every now and then we change the cost per post from 10 to 5 to get everyone engaging.


Telegram: @Tiyirick


Instagram: @aitordiaz_livelift


telegram: @redlightmeansgo


my telegram is @quame22 thanks in advance


Added everyone so far, group has had 20 new users and its helping everyone get likes and comments, good work!!


My telegram account is @Rhonda_RaycePR

Instagram is @Raycepr and @revelryeventdesign


telegram account: @arielblancook
Instagram accoun: @arielblancook


Hi Michael.
The best way is use an new account who follow all thats users of the engagement group.
Then you can use a tool (example gram multitool), charge all individual accounts of engagement group and put option like those followings of the new account :slight_smile:
Understand me?


Yes, I understand you perfectly.
I have 300 accounts of clients who need to be in engagement group but dont have “that” app for liking each.

I use the method explained but I need 300 proxys… :confused:


@goodtimes27 on telegram


Telegram: @ioanapui
Instagram: @ioana.pui


Thanks to everyone that’s joined we have around 20 slots left


Telegram @pizzalover
I have a 36k travel account.


Interested :slight_smile: 18k travel acc niche
My Telegram : untamed_will
My IG : denis_lens


Please PM me once that limit is reached so this thread can be locked.





lifestyle, travel, family account

telegram: @xm0snx



Few more spots opened if anyone else wants to join.


IG: @josemafitglamfoto
IG: @josema_f1_photos