New Facebook Monetization?

Hey guys does anyone know anything about the new facebook video Monetization that they are offering ??

Where do i register ? how do we get paid? and how to enable the ads on the videos? Can someone guide me on this?

I am totally confused !

At what URL you took this screenshot?

It’s first time I see it.

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I saw some people talking about this in a Facebook group, I guess it will be something similar to Youtube Partner.

From the page with that guy smooking, click “See Standards” and you should see more information about it there.

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Is like the old YT partnership where you had to apply.

Here is the link to apply


It will displayed on top of your facebook page (if you are in their category) .

I’ve read all their details there couldn’t find anything regarding applying for it.

@Behrad check the link @CyberKore just shared.

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This is for apps , and i don’t think its new. Do you know the one for videos and pages?

I think is still not open for everyone.

Youtube and steemit wont like this for sure :smiley:


Yes, actually it is in a closed beta. Some big creators in. Facebook said we have to wait a few month till rolling out.

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I’ve seen few verified pages that have ads on their videos.

anyone got new updates on this?

Maybe it’s a thing that comes with “Facebook Watch”.

they only talked about live stream ads should it also work on videos ?

Yes, the Mid Roll Beta Program can be applied for via an MCN. Your page must be able to create premium content.

Prior to Jan 1st, you used to be able to inserts after 20 seconds and videos had to be a minimum length of 1min30secs. Now you cannot insert an ad until the 1min mark and videos must be at least 3 minutes long. As time goes Facebook will keep putting up barriers to make mid rolls a premium-only program.

Mid rolls on FB are the greatest thing since pizza :pizza:

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what is mcn ? can anyone get me into this ? willing to pay or share income