New fashion/music/design niche engagement group

hi everybody,

I’m in the making of creating a dm engagement group on instagram.

Accounts accepted are in the following fields: fashion, sunglasses ,design, lifestyle

open to all members with a minimum of 3k followers who meet the following criteria:

The rule for the engagement group is:

  1. you must be either an influencer, artist, blogger, shop owner, community , magazine, professional, random page lifestyle page or a sort of expert or enthusiast in the above fields

  2. everybody follow each other upon entering the group (otherwise it wont work)

  3. we will decide together posting time in the group because engagement must happen in the 1st minutes ( the sooner the engagement the better, no point in reciving likes after hours otherwise we wont get any valuable push)

  4. will have to like, quality comment, save and share to stories the post withing 1st 20 minutes of posting ( otherwise instagram doesnt push your content well and that’s why we will find a posting timing suitable for everybody)

  5. those who do not follow the rules will be kicked out after 2 warnings.

Those interested in joining and growing together organically dm me.

thanks for reading :slight_smile: