🔥 New FB Ads IG targeting options on the horizon

For all you FB ads guys/gals who get deep with their targeting n’ CAs/LAAs there is a BOMB DIGGITY💣 new IG targeting option that is being tested right now.

So keep your eyes out :eyes:


If you’re on here you’re in the IG game and I’m SURE you can see how this will be a sweet (for those who do their research).

Get ready to crush some good IG/FB shiat!



Nice “Interacted with Target Account Ads”
(would like 10 times - but I am likeblocked all day)

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That’s good to know, have you tested it yet? I am not sure that I trust their data to be accurate.
Awesome gif too :sunglasses:

I just hope this doesn’t go hand in hand with the “hiding likes” thing, would mean FB wants to stop automation as much as possible and get people to pay more for ads, as a bot won’t know who liked a certain post, but FB will know…

Say GoodBye, to Instagram Organic Reach.


This will be awesome for paid ads! curious how it will actually do though haha