[New!] FB Verification problem- Account Temporarily Unavailable

They ask you for phone sms verification and then once you submit the code, they hit you with a block: http://prntscr.com/fvw1wc

Guys figure out a solution yet? FB is getting crazier nowadays

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I think I answered this gazillion times :slight_smile:

Open https://m.facebook.com and do verification there.

It works for most people.


Mobile version works if you IP is in the same country your phone numbers are, but the problem remains if you use proxy… Then you need a phone number related to the country where your proxy is located, because you can’t change the country code on a mobile version browser. At least I haven’t found a way yet
I guess the solution is to buy phone numbers of the country your proxies are, mine are mainly USA, so if anyone know how to buy reliable USA phone numbers, I am all ears, thanks

I can change the country code fine on m.facebook.com

That is nice to hear! Which browser do you use? On mozilla when I hit “change” the country code menu, it instantly gets me back on the “Log In” menu.

Try MP’s embedded browser.

MP’s embedded browser was the first one I tried, same story sadly. I hope it is a facebook bug. Will keep on digging, there are many with the same problem these past couple of weeks, so hopefully someone will find a solution.

Well, it works fine for me, but I’m adding my phone number to profile as soon as I add profile to MP.

I suggest you to buy us gl voice num.

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Do you find a solution?

Not yet unfortunately

In fact I just did!
Just leave it as USA and then add the number you have with the full international code including the + and it will work anyway. Works like charm.


Hi I will try that thanks

loooooooooooool it works ! thanks for that

and if not? I have GV-s as phone numbers?

More and more asking for verification and I cannot log them in back , not even w the mobile format

OK. Here’s a solution that currently work. Login to that account through FB app on your phone, do PV, then verify account in MP. I had same problem on 2 accounts and this worked.


Another related problem I have is getting stuck on this screen after photo verifying the accounts:

Although other accounts started working after 1-2 days, couple of other accounts got stuck with this message for the last month or so. Tried the mobile website, app, but none of them are working. Any ideas?

It you keep seeing this message even after 3 days then most probably the account will be banned.

I see. I guess there is nothing I can do at this point to get it back?