New feature requests for Jarvee to further humanize automation - What do you think?

Hello automation nerds,

I’ve been a long time lurker and this is my first post :slight_smile:

I’ve read a few topics over the past year where people request specific features from the Jarvee developers and have them implemented really quickly. I have two features that I will be requesting from the developers and would like your opinion. If you like my ideas, you can also send a request for the feature by linking them here so that they prioritize it’s implementation!

Feature #1
Randomize after max follows per day has been reached (basically once the warm-up phase is over).

Without this option enabled, Jarvee will follow 185-200 people per day (once warm-up phase is complete - based on the img). However with this option enabled, once the warm-up phase is over and max-follows has been reached, it will randomize it to your liking (100-200 based on img).

I understand that this can be achieved manually. I have many clients that are at different stages of the follow/unfollow cycle, it would be very time consuming to wait until they reach their max follows per day and then go in 1 by 1 on different dates to make changes in efforts to humanize the actions.

Feature #2
Auto-reset follow limits after action-block / temp-block (and when tool is no longer suspended)

Normally when a client receives any sort of block, the tool can be suspended anywhere between a couple of hours to a couple of days (and lately, a couple of weeks :stuck_out_tongue: ). Depending on the type of block, you would then need to rest the account and restart the warm-up phase manually.

This can be very time consuming and take away from higher priority business matters, creativity and time from your personal life.

EDIT( added feature3 based on comments)
Feature #3
Maximum limiters (stops tool when numbers are reached - temp/perm)

Allows you to set maximum limits where the tool will stop working. If you don’t select start tool , the tool will automatically start as soon as it drops below set limiters. You can select start tool and set a time-frame(minutes) where the tool will start working again when the total follows drops below the set limiter variable.

This way you can be sure that you are not going over a speculated limit. It can also be great for testing limits!

Thanks in advance!


@Mastema I like this. It definitely makes the automation more human like. Good ideas.

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I like the second idea, the second I’ve just done manually by leaving a larger variance on the max of the tools.


My idea is doing three phases that are randomized;

Phase one: Randomized likes/follows from 15-45 per hour. With max daily action limit is set at 120.

Phase two: Randomized likes/follows from 0-27 per hour. With daily action limit is set at 200.

Phase three: Randomized likes/follows from 30-55 per hour. With max daily action limit is set at 600.

Max monthly action limit from 4000-5300.

Now it should switch phases randomized for example; Thursday phase two, friday phase three, saturday phase 1 etc.

More phases = more randomized behaviour.

Thats my idea though.


Added a third feature request for this just now. I’ve already email the Jarvee team with a link to this topic.


These are great, I will submit these to jarvee now, I assume the more of us that do it, the more likely these features will be implemented! Thanks for your first post!

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Why don’t you think they would ever implement phases?

I vote for this option, but first priority to the API blocks, once things stabilize we can ask for implementations!

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These are great dude! Sending an email now

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So I suggested it to Jarvee, however they said… (see below)

What do you think? I kinda get what they are saying about suggestion no 1, the randomising limits as you could set it too 100-200 a day in follow limits section, however I haven’t personally found it that could at randomising, maybe that could be improved?

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Hey man, thanks heaps for putting in the time to request the feature!
I’m already aware that it can be done manually. If it were to increase by 25 it would look like this:

  1. 25-50
  2. 50-75
  3. 75-100
  4. 100-125
  5. 125-150
  6. 150-175
  7. 175-200 (warm-up over - It stops and stays here)
  8. Randomize follow limits kicks in to your settings at this point
  9. 100-200

This saves you from going in manually after the whole warm-up is over to randomize it. I hope I understood what they responded with correctly (I am in a rush atm and about to leave).


Great post! Thanks for sharing, hopes Jarvee takes some notes and make some updates that we really need after the bans.

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This is great thanks

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This is the way I have always been doing it so it is nice to see someone else doing the same thing as me

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+1 my man! Nice spot! Would definitely help a ton. I recently find myself spending hours adjusting the limits for blocked accounts.

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