New Film Released Light in the Darkness - living Well With Trauma. Again thanks to all

To all who have helped, coached, encouraged and supported.


I received this tonight and it brought me to tears.

This guy found me because of the reach and profile i have been able to develop in the last 2 years and that reach would not have happen without you.

So to @Adnan @Johnny @DanielAdmin @Said Med, Anna, @kraadnc @HenryCooper @wortime and the team in support that responds to my emails and helps in ways not seen…

Apparently we not only get shit done, we save lives along the way.

I lay this one at your feet…a gift from a stranger, my wife and @Acettan5, we thank you.


Awesome work man. I’m not sure how I contributed to you here in the forum, but it’s good to see someone helping others.


Thats an awesome message but there are a lot of questions coming up to my mind …

Do you have a real Phd.?
Why do you have to sell all kinds of shit to the poor people suffering from this serious mental disease?
Don’t you think these people should see a professional psychiatrist instead of reading a book of a self-proclaimed doctor king?
Any numbers about how many people took their lives, because they trusted the “Doctor King” and thought ahh this is probably better than a real doctor? Just gonna buy his ebook and a pillow and everything will be good.

This is amazing @theDoctor! Great share.

I got goosebumps just reading that…

The followers we see are not just numbers, they’re real people sometimes. And this is one of them.

Im so glad you shared this. It brings light that our work (as the marketers who want spread a positive message, not just a quick buck) will in fact change lives.


In contrast to you I am now doing something real unselfish sacrificing my valuable time to research if there are possibilities to f*** you because of using “Dr.” in a medical environment. In Germany it definitely is, but don’t know about the States, yet…

You man are a threat to society!
You are seriously misleading people. Imagine the tough Irak veteran who probably is not so keen to see a psychiatrist and then sees this “cool” guy smoking his f**** pipe and thinks: Ah, yeah thats much better than a real psycho doc! And I am pretty sure you are aware of this using this to make money.

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Thanks mate
appreciate it

The doctorate is in theology, i never claimed to have had one in any other field. The original latin term for doctor mean teacher, that is what i was for many years before I had recall of over a decade of childhood sexual abuse that lead to CPTSD and a complete mental and life breakdown.

The fact that I am not a therapist or a psychologist, but a man who has had to work out his personal mental health issues is the reason that people are finding that they can connect with the story.

Here is an extended trailer to a film that featured my story last year, it will help you better in your harsh and unjustified comments. It will give you more ammunition I am sure. I made no money off the film, was not a producer. In retrospect i would do that differently, It cost my family about $50k to help promote it, it was money well spent.,

My wife and i sold a piece of property 2 years ago and so far have put $300k of it into trying to address the issue of human trafficking and the impact of sexual abuse on men. Our work with PTSD has lead us into the area of helping veterans, an area we never plan to go but we are having incredible impact.

Because of my PTSD I am unable to work from home effectively and have sat here watching my assets dwindle. At the urging of one of the forum members @kraadnc I offered my services to someone to help grow they accounts and it was very well received and resulted in our first contract this week. If i can pick up some extra work then I will be able to continue the not for profit work and not bankrupt my family.

Why did i bother to even post this ‘update’ in the community ? Because I was suicidal, my first marriage had been destroyed, my kids estranged and I was a man without a job and felt like shit every day. When the people who created a particulate piece of ‘software’ heard of our non-profit work, they sponsored me for 12 months and ‘held my hand’ as I learnt the ropes and got my feet back under me and I am incredible grateful and could not have done it without their support.

So I hope you are happy now that i have bared my life and my personal struggles to keep my integrity in place (please dont fool yourself that I did this to answer your questions)

and I honestly and politely encourage you to now go and fuck yourself

PS I prefer cigars not a pipe on a daily basis


This is probably different in other countries. Here doctor or dr. is something you get after writing a book.

Ok, writing a book is maybe too simple, it must be done by someone with an academic degree, and it proves that you are able to do scientific research. But it can be in any field, also if it is not related to medical things.


Your right mate.

It is the same here in the USA and in Australia and U.K.

I have 15 published titles. My work for my masters and doctorate where turned into books.

This last one wasn’t published after my doctorate , it was how I daily try and beat the shit that is my daily grind.


lol I disagree.

Self-righteous a bit?

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Really moving piece, highly encourage watching it through.

Appreciate your journey brother, know you got the MPfam 24/7.


Thanks mate
Appreciate it

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Dear John,

I have seen the trailer now, too. It is very moving. Really sorry what happened to you. There are no words for that.
Seems like you fight against something that is maybe even worse than I try to fight against. Maybe the issue you brought up is even more urgent than mine and I hope to find a way to support your foundation soon.

Send you a lot of energy :zap::zap: and hope you find the strength to keep going your way.

All the best to you, dear John :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


Again, wonderful message. Thank you


I saw the film and I salute you man! Wish you all the best!


Cheers bro. Thanks

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The next film comes out next year, itis called Lifght IN the Darkenss - living well after Trauma
it has been submitted to some 80 film festivals, I am really hoping it does well.

My desire for this one is that we can start to have open conversations about mental health and its increasing impact on society. For example the rate of veterna return here in the USA is at an all time high and so is veteran suicide and suicide amougst men.

Here is a link if anyone is interested.

And as always, thank you for the continued support.


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To have a huge positive effect on your follower’s lives is something we should all strive to do. Huge props to you.

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appreciate the kind words

Just amazing ! you saved a life :innocent: