New follow / unfollow settings

Following for 7 hours, followed by 7 hours unfollowing, followed by 10 hours resting.
Using exact same settings for follow and unfollow.

Starting at max 30 per day with linear growth to max 195 per day.
Has the hourly limit changed or is 32 per hour still fine?

Also, not using any other tools apart from like after follow and like exchange.

Any flaws / anything you would change?


And unfollow:


If I were you, I wouldn’t do as much follow actions/hour as you do. I think 32 is too much, but it’s just my 2 cents


Before the followban, the consensus was that 60 follows per hour was the limit.
Do we think this has dropped also?

I think your hourly is too high, half it (at least).


The 60 follows/hour limit was a year ago, now it’s much less I assume


I’ve changed follow hourly max to 15, with it running 13 hours a day.
The unfollow max is 18, running 11 hours a day.
No sleep time.

Does this still seem too high?
Or I could drop them both if I followed and unfollowed at the same time to free up hours?


Definitely. That was before the wave of follow blocks. I think the settings need to be WAY LESS aggressive in my opinion.

Edit: Didn’t notice your last response. I think your new settings are fine but I personally would still warm up to those settings and start doing 2-5 follows and working up from there.

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You have max 240 per day and your target is 295 + your hourly limits and the numbers per operation are not correlating, obviously will not go with the setting you shared!!

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The run timers stop once the limits in the second box have been reached (which have been changed from the screenshot to max 15 follows per hour now).

My max is 195 per day, not 295.

@cowboymug thank you for your initiative to discuss settings…

Well, I got a new client and decided to keep the number of follow actions below 16 / hour, still I got the follow block:

More about my settings etc here:


DMA0245 said it 3-4 months ago something like “Warm-up period is now not 7 days (as in previous years), but now around 25 days”

So maybe we should keep that in mind. We need to increase the number of max. actions very slowly.

Also: algorithms are looking for patterns. If we are using 3-5 accounts as source for follow actions, the pattern is detectable in a short amount of time.

I cant say now that this will help 100%, but likely it makes it a bit harder for the algorithm to detect patterns if we use also these as source:


The more variation and the more randomness, the harder the “bot-activity” is detectable…

The above suggestions are not the solution for the follow blocks, but maybe at least a start…


With me on proxy 4G everything works perfectly, but it’s 10 accounts that I took to the test.
I am curious to know how I will take all if there will be any blocks.
You must risk without it, there is no game :slight_smile:


who did you buy 4G proxies from? And you didn’t have any problems right now??

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@Digital7Boy please

But as I write, I bought 10 and everything is ok, I do not know how it will be with most accounts

Follow blocked after 1 Jarvee follow, although I can still follow manually using the app.

Under Social Profiles - Settings, I just unclicked “no not use embedded browser to follow on Instagram” and clicked “use embedded browser to follow when action blocked” - what’s the views on using this?

He is blocked in the EB and the official APP?

As for hourly limits I need to mention that from 2015 to late 2018 I was following 200 people at once, waited 15 minutes, followed 200 accounts, waited 15 minutes and followed another 200 accounts what was like 600 accounts in 45-60 minutes daily, every single day until reached 7500 and was never shadowbanned or had any sorts of blocks, maybe had to do phone verification twice. There was no such thing as hourly limit ever. I did that in early 2019 until the updates, but still I did 195 + 195 in like 30 minutes. I used 3g connection via phone.

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Changed to using the EB and had no problems since - will keep you updated.

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This is a big one

I’d love to know the answer to this too

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