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The forum is getting more and more packed full of amazing information, unfortunately it is getting harder for users just joining to find them now. Guides & Tutorials seem to be the most popular topics here on MPSocial, so I believe they should have their own category for users to easily find them and instantly get MassPlanner up and running.

I am shocked with how many users do not know how to use the search or bookmark feature to save useful topics, to the point I am even considering writing a beginners guide to how to use this forum to your advantage.

###Who Else Agrees That There Should Be A Guides & Tutorial Category?

  • YES, I Would Love A Guide & Tutorial Category Added
  • NO, I Do NOT Want A Guide & Tutorial Category Added

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I have no idea where to put that. I will probably have to create one such sub-category for each social platform and that will fill up the forum. I think the main problem is people not using the search function, it works so good. There’s even a very good tutorial for using the search function :smiley:

  • You could either place a tutorial section for each social platform, including one for the tools of the trade section (for non social platform specific tutorials).


  • You can create a new category called Tutorials, and have sub-sections for each social platform inside there.


  • You can create a new category called Tutorials, and people need to add “[Instagram] Their Title” “[Facebook] Their Title”

With all do respect, regardless, I really think this need to be added. I understand your concern about clutter, however your preventative measures for clutter in the aspects of categories and sun-sections, are preventing you from seeing the clutter elsewhere. There is little to no structure as far as content goes.

As you can see from the votes, the majority thinks this is a good idea.

In the end you are in charge, I am just wanting to keep everything as organized as possible for everyone. It will lower the amount of questions since they can find their answers easier.

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ok, first one’s here, also moved some of the best topics there #instagram-marketing:instagram-tutorials-guides



Thank you @Johnny for adding a Tutorial section!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: