New FV wave on Instagram?

Hi guys,
Since yesterday we’ve noticed a new FV (face verification) wave, mainly on our scrapers,
has anyone experiencing the same?

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mine are working correctly at the moment and i did not hear from my colleagues about any wave, it might be just on your side, did you change anything on your setup/scrapers?

No…It started yesterday and looks like it’s replacing the captcha/PV

This type of verification appeared a long time, but my accounts are working fine now, I did not notice any FV wave.

Just stop the accounts with the issue for a week or two, and try to login again, you may notice that the FV is no longer there.

Yes there was a fv wave that started two days ago for me, but this type of wave is my favorite, it’s harmless and safe, I’ll take this any day than those nasty and risky PVs :grin:

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Me too, I haven’t been hit by it :slight_smile:

I haven’t encountered any problems with my scrapers or slaves in awhile, stop and get back to the drawing board to find the cause.

On the contrary, I have few accounts with captcha verification but no Fv verification, it could be something in your setup to IP that triggers it, if you could share more about your setup it would be good.

I haven’t had this type of verification in months. I thought it has disappeared for good. do you log in to each scraper that got hit on your mobile phone to solve it or did you just replace the scrapers with new ones?

I do, solving them is easy, they don’t die from FV, but I’ve noticed that some of them are getting the FV again within 1-2 days. I also thought this verification has gone, since it’s been a while since I got any of those.

I haven’t made any changes on my settings for few months now, I also use only 4G private proxies (my own) for the Scrapers so I guess IG is playing with us once more :slight_smile:

yeah, that could be it, i contacted some users and they had the same as you but i found out later that they had way too many accounts per proxy and doing only one action with them and that made the accounts look unatural.