New hashtag trend #xyzbca

almost everyone uses #foryou now there’s new one #xyzbca
What does it stand for? I googled it and nothing

I checked xyzbca and it has only 15 posts. What do you mean everyone uses it?

you must have typed it in wrong 168 million views

Ohhh, sorry… I thought you meant instagram :smiley:

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Going to post something tonight using that hashtag alongside the fyp tag. See what happens by the morning, will have results shortly.

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awesome yeah please post results. It just seems like a general hashtag like for you I’m really curious where it started and what it stands for

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Going to try as well. Is there any theme with it?

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Well, it didn’t do much for me. I’m going to retry it on a post that’s a trending dance and see if it has more of an effect.

Lol im waiting for an answer toooo

It’s a bust and it isn’t trending anymore, stick to the challenges

Is that what it means? I’m so confused

It is just a random trend. I did see this on a big video again yesterday…

My guess is X Y Z is the generation. X for millennials and then Y and Z.

Still trying to think what bca means

maybe someone tried to write xyzbac and failed :stuck_out_tongue: