New here, hey everyone!

25 y/o from England working in Retail.

I’ve been using MP for a few months now with some great success!

I’ve stumbled my way through the first 24,065 posts and tens of thousands of interactions and I’ve seen some amazing things.

I hope to talk about cool strategies with you all and share some cool things I’ve figured out along the way (if they haven’t already been posted!)

Working with:-


Welcome to the community!

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Welcome to MPSocial and enjoy your stay :smiley:

I hope you’ll stick with us for a long time, learn a lot and share a lot too.

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welcome @CherryCoke , glad you decided to join the discussion as many people just read it and never say anything :slight_smile:

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great, would love to know your cool strategies and welcome

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Welcome CherryCoke!

Hey there @CherryCoke …nice to have you here!

Welcome to the forum!