New IG acc banned, can I use same IG proxy again for a new acc?

Yesterday I used my first IG proxy to create an account…Account was banned (probably too many followings, link in bio, many pictures etc). Highproxies says IP was never used and its def valid for IG.

So its not the proxy BUT, can I use the proxy again to create an account? I mean I cant spend 3,20 per account only for testing. Is the IP blacklisted now? I dont think so…

But what do u think?=

If you can’t spend another $3.20 only for testing then it won’t hurt trying again with the same proxy, does it? Give it a try and see what happens…

Also, You just created an account and followed too many users ( how many ? ) and added a link to your bio ?

Did you even start slow in the first few days to warm the account up?

Of course I could spend them but just asking if the IP is blacklisted now…Yea I placed website URL, uploaded 6 photos (of my services) and likes 300, followed 150…and after 4 hours…phone verification and ban

No I didnt warm up the account.

I created a new IG account with the same proxy and let it warm up. No photos, only profile pic, and text in bio and 0 followings, 30 followings today (Stretched over 24h)…etc

That’s good then, there’s no way to know if the IP is blacklisted or not until you try. It’s better the use the same one but this time try to warm the account up slowly.

Instagram is really suspicious about new accounts that are doing high number of actions from the beginning so try to keep it safe.

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Thanks, when do u think is the right time to increase following to 400-600? (approx)…and I market my own store (alrady make good $ with my home IP accounts) but wanna scale it up with more accounts that do autofollowing.

When do u think can I put the website URL in bio?