New IG Feature - Carousel

Hey guys,

some of you might have heard already that there is a new feature on IG. Now you can upload multiple pictures to one post to essentially create an album.
Apart from creating extra attention obviously, what do you guys think, how to leverage this new tool? There must be some awesome way to increase conversion rate with this! Before, this feature was limited to sponsored posts.

Would love to see this feature implemented in MP soon :wink:

Yep, we saw it, it’s released recently, somebody already talked about it here.

Hopefully, we’ll find a way to use new feature to increase CTR and CR of course.

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Here you go.

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Is this now possible with MP?

Yuppers via campaign

Please point me in a more specific direction… I am looking at the campaign and not seeing it :frowning:

Campaign - Advanced Settings - Instagram - Post Multiple Images As Album :slight_smile:


Much appreciated!

For sure happy testing!