New instagram account warm up method

Hey guys new to this forum very nice put together :+1::ok_hand: i had a question im currently getting back into instagram and id like to hear your warm up methods , im thinking purchasing some aged accounts and letting them sit on the 4g proxy for a few weeks and then slowly start warming them up what do you guys think? also im not going to be using any URL links in the bio to stay out of instagrams bans / blocks thanks.

Make sure you only add 1 account per day and go with most 5 accounts per proxy. If it is good, you can try adding more later. Also, there is tons of info on this topic on this forum from the past 2-3 months, so you can warm up that chair and get down to reading :grin:


Be careful when you buy aged account you have to be sure that they are not flagged also

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I have bought aged (and newly created) accounts from a few different sources and I’ve certainly had mixed results. Some accounts that seemed fine when first used were completely wiped out a few weeks later by Instagram.

A number bought from a supplier who sells on this forum all got killed off in a strange way over the course of a day or 2. Got the ‘we detected a suspicious login attempt’ with only a useless ‘get help logging in’ button as an option. On attempting ‘forgotten password’ recovery with the email associated with the account IG comes back saying the email isn’t recognized. If you then use the username to try a ‘forgotten password’ it shows a reset email sent to a totally different email! Strange behavior, but the same for all 10 accounts bought from one supplier.

I think all we can do is try different accounts from different suppliers to see what works for us.

appreciate the love

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Listen carefully to what he told @samsam09. it is very important not to use already ruined accounts

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