New Instagram algorithm?

The last week I have noticed a huge decline (about 1k less likes a post) on my posts on Instagram. Has Instagram changed the algorithm/any explanation?

Instagram is changing the algorithm ALL THE TIME!

The decline most likely has nothing to do with IG changing stuff. If you are looking for a serious answer, you need to provide a lot more information.


Alright, I will look elsewhere for answers! I noticed another big social media influencer saying how she hated the recent algorithm change today (after I was noticing a change too), so I thought someone here might know more in depth, guess I was wrong.
My posts ive made since a week from today aren’t seeming to be getting as many likes, I was thinking maybe Instagram changed it so my account isn’t showing up as much, being a business account or something. I have 40k+ followers.

The “new / changed / most recent / 2018” algorithm is something that gets talked about at the start of every year or every single time someone sees a change in their accounts.

A network as massive as IG rolls out updates all the time. Plus, they never announce it, so the “newness” of an algo is 99/100 someone’s subjective opinion. If that person happens to have a following that is interested in Instagram their opinion start getting cited over and over again till it becomes a “fact”. The reality is, it is not.

Or, there is a product or an offer that is attached to this “new” problem created by this “new” algorithm.

Most of the times a lowered reach or exposure can be traced to the individual account, not to a massive overall change in the game.


Remember it snows and then gets hot. Changes of seasons.
Instagram is no different. Some periods of high engagement, other periods of low engagement.
It never stays the same. Expect that. Else you go crazy wondering ‘’’ WHY ‘’’…


Unless you live in Southern California :slight_smile:

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i do…it changes too :slight_smile:

Not to snow though :slight_smile:

I think if a snow flake reaches the ground of SD… mass panic will follow lol

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go up to Julian or Alpine here in SD… snows every year.

… until the SD algorithm changes and the snow gets shadowbanned :wink:

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Preach. It requires alot more info to be able to speak to what is actually affecting numbers. Test, test, and then test again.


Its bullshit to say nothing has happend on Ig and the a new alogorithm.
I got many friends on ig with good accounts, and im member in manny good groups, and most of them got less likes and engagment, so that you say nothing has happen is wrong. Ive done ig since 2012… Simple as that.

Are you in San Diego?

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pretty simple to explain:

  • It’s easier to find content these days and repost, so more content being produced (more competition)
  • Instagram is adopting its parent company’s strategy and needs to generate more money. They do this by selling ads, which means less real estate for organic posts. Hence, less engagement on your post unless you pay to play.
  • more bots every day who just auto-post/repost, so again more real estate gone and more competition.

Well said sir, people tend to believe that social media is a saturated static market and dynamics will stay the same. Just check the growth stats on user numbers and put yourself in every IG users shoes, not only companies and influencers.

Yes ( 13 char shit)

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Haha. Knew it. I’m from OB. Not there anymore.

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