New Instagram Feature

Just saw this on Twitter.
Adam Mosseri (Head of Instagram) posted this:


What is your Guess? in a couple of Hours it will be live.

My Guess:

  • Something to steal Clubhouse and add it as a Feature in Instagram
  • Something actually nobody asked for

What I think it will not be (but people want it to be):

  • Hyperlinks in Posts (Spam potential would be too high)
  • Swipe Up under 10K Followers (Spam potential would be too high)
  • Chronological Timeline (Would be against Instagrams biggest Goal - Retention Time to sell more Ads)

What are your thoughts?


You probably guessed right : something to steal to some other app’s :slight_smile:

It has apprently “been requested” for a while now. Let’s see

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I’ll put my bet on this


That Clubhouse bet seems good, but I can’t see how they would reconcile it with the image-heavy focus that is Instagram.

I can imagine it being some metric or background thing that won’t affect the overall usability and flow of the app for most normal users.

That’s it


So… I won? :joy:


So they try to stay ahead from CH I guess

To be fair, that could be quite useful for some. I know I’ll probably use it for my Live broadcasts.

I don’t know if it’s quite as big as they want it to be though :sweat_smile:

LMAO bro I told you!!!

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