New Instagram "Guides" Feature?

Did you guys see this?

I saw this on my newsfeed and thought it was different and new. I wonder if you guys noticed this too.

As I scrolled through, i noticed only blue-ticked accounts were on there.

When I tapped on one of those cards, it brought me to a dedicated “Guide Page” where they had a short blurb of what the series is about, then it showed a a listed set of Posts from that account:

When you tap on one of those listed items, it brings you to their feed post.

Then I tried to figure out if an account can point to the guides without relying on the newsfeed to promote the guides.

So I clicked on one of the accounts, and I noticed a new category of posts an account can have.

Here’s a direct link to one of the example Guides:

I wonder if these Guides will be rolled out to other large accounts versus only blue ticked (sort of the like the Swipe Up).

They might be handy to assemble a series of posts on the feed this way. - Especially if your account talks about various topics:

ex: Fitness Guides can be about: Ab Workouts, Legs, Chest… etc.

What do you guys think of these?

its been shared on instagram blog for a month now, here you can read more details about it.

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oh wow! Thanks Zack! Sorry, i didnt check there before posting here. My bad.

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No you good, starting a thread about it will get other people attentions to it may help them somehow.

Nobody asked for instagram to do this. People just want reach and growth, even folks with 200 followers. Maybe people will enjoy this feature, though :man_shrugging:t2: