New Instagram story limits?

Did IG just set new limits for story views?
Every time I try to view a story today I’m being blocked and just see the below black screen

(I’ve been using the story viewer tool so will no doubt have exceeded any new daily limit)

hmm interesting ill wait for more people to give their input

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How many have you been viewing a day?

i have same problem on all my accounts and clients using story views/vote tools.
they’re updating/changing or there’s a new limit

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I have this too… but I can still see stories however not from every user. One thing is for sure, I can’t see my mentions if I’m reaching them from the notifications tab, unless I go to messages and check it manually one by one.

Maybe they’re updating?

hopefully just updating

If there’s a new limit - which I suspect and fear is the case - then these storyview bots will no longer be effective non?
(Watching much lower amounts doesn’t seem to work at all)

@vladisonfire I can still view some users’ stories also - from the @instagtam acct and also stories from the massive Kardashian accts etc. How typical that IG appears not to have imposed the new blocks on anyone watching those accounts’ stories! :roll_eyes:
That surely shows this is not some random technical glitch and is a very real, new story limit?

Some things really make sense now, article that was shared here how FB and IG react on automation they simply let us working 1-3 months to see what new we can come up with, then they patch the method or make new limits to prevent abuse of feature, service… I think there is nothing we can do about it.


Thats why, just never show your tricks in public :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@iki Agreed - and I always seem to get into these growth hacks at the very end, days before they crash and burn lol
Weirdly MassPoller now is saying that my MassPolling tool is working/voting etc, but the MassLooking tool is blocked and can’t watch stories. If the bot can’t look at stories, then surely it can’t vote or answer Story sliders/questions via the MassPolling tool either right?!? Or am I being stupid?? :thinking:

@kitamain But it’d be impossible to watch 3million stories/day or follow/like multiple times a day without automation, so developers make bots to enable us to do that…hence it goes public. Story viewing in partic could only work for the time it did precisely bcos it did go public!

@Jessica8789 Mass story view method was there before its public, but once many user jumped in then it is become a known issues for IG. Just like F/UF, if many bot provider keep their tool private do you think IG will care that much ?

@kitamain I don’t mean to be rude but I’m not interested in arguing over the minutia here. It’s a bit late now to be telling us we should have kept story viewing private and this helps nobody. Of course, if you are clever enough to devise your own super affective growth techniques and I applaud you and yes I’m sure it’s more sensible to keep that quiet. But I’m not that skilled and so I am merely jumping on the bandwagon of techniques divided by others :laughing: And yes of course I accept that means those methods will always have a limited shelf life

In this thread I’m more interested in constructively gathering information from people as regards their experiences on using the story viewing method right now, after what appears to be new limits/blocks imposed by Instagram yesterday. I’d like to ascertain whether it now really is the end of the road for this technique, or whether there’s likely to be a solution and a little more mileage left to go :hugs:

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@Jessica8789 no mate, I am not arguing with you, relax. I am not saying I have a secret method, but at least I never worried about block anymore these days. I am not gonna share the method but the hint is : IG love real human interaction so be it and you will never be blocked or banned

How is it going now with tlooking and voting ? Does it work rn?

i think story voting is not working properly cause api calls are getting blocked and we keep getting the error no more results found and if we get that error again and again it can bring a lot of bugs to the profile eg the ones said in this thread anybody else able to do voting currently?

Seems to be working with no problems on my side