New (ish) Member Saying Hello!


Hell all, been on the forum for a few weeks now and just discovered the intro sub forum!

I have been an Info security pro for about a decade and always been interested in social media marketing and internet marketing in general. Bringing the interest into the ‘hobby’ space in my life :slight_smile:

hope to give back as i step further into this journey!



Welcome even if you have been here for weeks!


Welcome, enjoy your stay


Hope you’ve been enjoying your say at mpsocial, hola amigo


Did you bring some champagne? :champagne:


Welcome Korr! We’re glad you’re here! Looking forward to following your posts!


Welcome to MPSocial!
Bring those IDS skills here haha.


Welcome @korprit! Glad to have you here!


Welcome to mp family…


Welcome to the forlum!


This forum becomes very interesting with these various profiles! Welcome to you you’ll like it!


Welcome to mp social


welcome to mp, now reach level 2 good luck


Heh that’s going to take awhile. Plenty to learn in the meantime :wink:


Welcome to the fam :slight_smile:


welcome @korprit , i wish you enjoy the time and got what you need here.


welcome to this forum :partying_face: